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Bolsa de noticias: Black Veil Brides - Mind Driller - Terral - Kitsune Art

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El cantante de Black Veil Brides protagoniza un incidente en un vuelo, Mind Driller estrena vídeo, Terral anuncia gira y Kitsune Art muestra su primer LP.

El cantante de Black Veil Brides y su pareja la lían en el aire

Andy Biersack, vocalista de Black Veil Brides, protagonizó un altercado con su pareja y compositora Juliet Simms hace unos días en un vuelo de la compañía aérea American Airlines.

Al parecer, según ha informado el portal TMZ, la pareja estaba en primera clase cuando empezaron a discutir. Juliet elevó el tono de su voz y, acto seguido, comentó que Andrew le había golpeado en la cara. Los azafatos del vuelo les pidieron calma, pero un rato después tuvieron que ser separados. De hecho, la también vocalista tuvo que ser esposada por un agente de seguridad que se encontraba en el avión.

Unos días después, la pareja ha emitido varios comunicados a través de Instagram en los que aceptan lo ocurrido, reafirman su unión y culpan al alcohol como detonante de su discusión. Aquí los tenéis:

You may have read online that my wife and I had a scary & traumatic experience on our return flight from TN this weekend. We are currently home and safe and trying to emotionally recover from all of this.The unfortunate event itself compounded with online stories & videos show an isolated but difficult moment for my wife & I encourage you to read her statement on her IG @thejulietsimms regarding the situation as I feel it is best that any information comes from her directly. Many of you know that I recently decided to live entirely sober. In the past I struggled with the concept of alcohol and my own personal demons and so a year ago I decided it was time to move on from it & start down the path to sobriety. I believe alcohol is one of the most poisonous & volatile substances we as a society have at our disposal & that it can truly hurt & affect people in the most negative way. My wife no longer drinks but due in large part to a myriad of recent upsets including some tragic family news she became intoxicated during the flight and was left confused, blacked out & disoriented. She said things that are not true and are in no way her or a part of her character and despite rumors or conjecture I will definitively state that we have a happy and harmonious marriage. It is my duty as her husband to make sure everyone is aware of how much I love her, how kind and strong she is and her resolve to learn from this & for both of us to move forward as a healthy, loving family. Thank you to every one of you who have stood by our side in this time of pain and we vow to continue to be there for anyone who needs it. Remember that no one is perfect, we all fall down sometimes. What matters is that we get back up stronger. Lastly, we're sorry that this was brought to your attention and if it in any way pulled you from real issues in the world, your family etc. I think we can all agree our time is better spent trying to help one another rather than tear each other down for moments of weakness or mistakes. Please remember that the greatest way we can see one another for what we truly are is with kindness, empathy & compassion. Everything else will only block the light of humanity.

Una foto publicada por Andy Biersack (@andyblack) el

Spending my teenage years touring & recording away from home from age 17, I learned a LOT more about the world than a young girl should.Many of U do not know much about my career pre The Voice or ever meeting my beloved husband, Andy. I mention this now as a caution to the young, talented ppl out there who think they are immune to the effects of drugs/alcohol.To some young people drinking is funny, no big deal or regarded as cool.But alcohol is potentially life ruining, and can even be deadly if you drink too much, drink on an empty stomach or at high altitudes like I did.Girls, the smaller you are the faster the effect.That's why I rarely drink, I cannot handle it, and when I do, I turn into someone I am not.This may not be true for everyone but it is for me and for many of my peers in the music industry who have bravely and completely quit after years of struggle.So, I apologize to my husband for what I did and said and for upsetting anyone who was caught up in this.Those of you very loving and caring fans,we thank you for all of your loyal support and kindness.We really love you and appreciate you sticking your necks out for us even on a bad day.There's so much to this story and so much history involved it's not easily understood,unless you were us. I really did not intend for our misfortune on the baby making subject to be aired in the way it was, but we are young and healthy, and are told this happens so are happily looking forward to the future with children.I do ask for people not to fill in the holes when they hear partial stories, so want to own up to the fact that I've got demons I face time to time and it's something Im quiet about because I've always wanted to be strong for the people in my life and the people I set an example for. I truly regret my weakness and letting it get the best of me for the world 2 see. I am human but this was a poor display of who I truly am, my heart and what I have to offer. Falling down does not define me, it's how I stand back up. I vow to move forward in a happy/healthy way and learn from this.From the very bottom of my heart, I am sorry. Spending Halloween with my loving husband and our animals. Love you all😔💔 Una foto publicada por Juliet Simms Biersack (@thejulietsimms) el

Mind Driller estrena vídeo

Mind Driller ha compartido a través de las redes sociales "Ich Bin Anders!", su último videoclip. En él, la formación alicantina sigue explotando su característico metal industrial y la estética de su último LP 'Zirkus', bien cargada de payasos macabros:

Mind Driller se encuentra en plena gira Zirkus Tour II. Estos son sus próximos compromisos:

5 de noviembre - Sala Informal (Navarra)
19 de noviembre - Sala Copérnico (Madrid)
26 de noviembre - Dark Ind. Fest Aliante (Las Cigarreras)
10 de diciembre - Sala La Trinchera (Málaga)
11 de marzo - Pup Dau al Set (Carcaixent)
13 de mayo - Tarragona
21 de julio - Rock Am Stück (Alemania)

Terral anuncia el último tramo de su gira #PorlosbaresTour2016

El cuidado rock urbano de Terral volverá a azotar las salas peninsulares en el tramo final de su gira #PorlosbaresTour2016. La formación malagueña ha anunciado las fechas con un imprescindible vídeo que parodia la sitcom ochentera Cosas de casa. Sí, la de Steve Urkel:

Estos son los conciertos:

11 de noviembre - Málaga
17 de noviembre - Sala Bariloche (Los Alcázares, Murcia)
18 de noviembre - Bar Ceferino (Barcelona)
19 de noviembre - Terminal (Pamplona)
25 de noviembre - Sala Madchester (Almería)
9 de diciembre - HeartBreak Aguadulce (Almería)
23 de diciembre - Costello Club (Madrid)

Kitsune Art adelanta 'Signals of Synchronism'

Kitsune Art, ganadores de premios como el Granito Rock 2014, ha estrenado un teaser que nos permite escuchar cada uno de los temas que componen 'Signal of Synchronism', su primer larga duración.

Así se presenta este plástico grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Bullet Games Studios por Carlos Prieto. ¡Metal alternativo de quilates!

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